My Big Texas Wedding

This is going to be Big!

My Big Texas Wedding is a television program for the North Texas area. This fun and informative new program offers brides-to-be the chance to discover local businesses in the wedding industry. This is not another reality show, but a series of "mini-sodes" that allow you to get to know the people in the wedding industry and the services they offer.


Advances in technology and changes in viewing habits have led to a whole new way we get our entertainment. We’ve recognized that schedules are getting busier and attention spans are getting shorter. That’s why we’re introducing minisodes – shortened versions of television programs that can be watched online, any time.

A minisode is simply a TV program that is broken up for easier viewing. Instead of a half-hour or hour-long program that you are used to viewing on television, we will produce a series of minisodes that may only be 7-12 minutes in length. And by putting them online, the audience can tune in according to their schedules, not by the schedules of the networks.