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We’re a design production team with a score of TV, corporate and commercial works under our belt. We're equipped with talents and experience to see a project through from script to screen.

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Revenue Generating Programs was developed to help media professionals enhance their sales efforts with great creative.  The idea is to have a menu of pre-produced television and digital spots that can quickly and easily be customized for your client’s business.  You select the spot (or campaign) that best fits the client you would like to pitch. Being able to present the creative along with an advertising plan helps the client see “the big picture” and gives you something to offer that no one else has.

Bottom line – this is a sales tool that is meant to give you an
advantage over your competition. 

"The best way to sell advertising is to take someone an idea. ReadySpots has gotten me in doors I could never get in before. Prospects who would never consider TV will buy if you show them a well-produced idea that they know will make them money. ReadySpots are all great looking spots that sell. And, Jeff makes it so easy. Just don’t tell my competitors about it!"

Pat Shaffer
Account Executive

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.